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Are we ready for sex toys with A.I.?

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Sorry for the lack in updates earlier this month. Life can get a bit busy. So I'm going to post 2 or 3 times a month that way I'm not neglectful but I'm not overwhelmed.  Anyway on to today's topic....  Futurama predicted it ...Sex Toys with A.I.

Big ups to you if you remember that episode!

Sex toys, more specifically, sex dolls have been around way before many of us were even born.  Historically speaking they were created around the 17th century for men at sea to use while they were away from their wives.  But let's fast forward to today where sex dolls have evolved greatly since their early years and blow up phases. With the sophistication of Real Dolls and other toys like Kiiroo implementing A.I. and automation, I feel I'm at a cross roads.  On one hand, implementing A.I. with machine learning can make using sex toys seamless. They can know what you like, how often you like it, what intensity levels you prefer and what patterns ( length of time, speed etc) to get you right every time without fail. No more having to really learn a product, spend time adjusting it or having to teach someone how to use it on you. On the other hand, I can see how there can be a few bug malfunctions that can do some irreparable damage that may require some replacement body parts in the future.

Originally,  I was going to say let's ignore the social impact and possible consequences of having custom A.I. because I covered that in the last post. However, there have been recent articles addressing the fact that some people are using a "Frigid" setting on a sex doll that simulates rape or being "unappreciative" of sexual advances. At this point, as a designer and as a woman, I have to ask, why was this setting created? 

The doll creators' website states "Rape simply isn't an interaction that Roxxxy supports nor is it something that our customers are requesting."  Erasing ethics and placing them aside, my main question regarding this and any product is, does the world need this? What are the demographics of the users purchasing this?  Beyond experiencing pleasure and maybe "rehabilitation" or as the creators explained "Frigid Farrah can be used to help people understand how to be intimate with a partner." ; what other goals are there that require a "Frigid" setting to be needed? 

Are we ready for how society may adapt to this being an option?

Tell me what you think!
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