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Stop making terrible vibrators!

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Hey! It's been a while. I'm currently preparing for Irma and the tropical storm to be here in Atlanta tomorrow or on Tuesday. To everyone that has been affected by the hurricane, you're in my thoughts. 

With as many vibrators that are in stores and being sold everywhere, the one that needs a bit of tweaking is the rabbit. The rabbit is a classic vibrator and many women either have one, had one or at least has seen one.  I remember when it became a big deal after an episode of Sex and the City.

Lately, rabbit vibrators have been getting an interesting reputation and bags of mixed reviews. Whether it's the the rotating beads causing the loss of sensation and nerve damage or the lack of quality, it's time that the standard rabbit gets an upgrade. In fact, most vibrators need an upgrade.
As we've become more sexually open and aware, we tend to like our products to be less cheesy. Anyone that values clitoral stimulation along with penetration also expects for their vibrator to hit the mark every time with simplicity.  There are few modern vibrators on the market that nail this but they are on the higher end of the market like Cresendo and Duet Flex .  In a market where most vibrators marketed to the public are $25 -$40, how can we make vibrators have better quality and still remain financially accessible?


Seriously. Beyond kinksters, the average person does not associate pleasure with a vibrator that looks like a lollipop, ice cream sandwich, a Pikachu , an Obama "replica" or any of the other vibrators that resemble childhood or presidential memorabilia. Beyond the associations many people have with them, these toys aren't designed in a way that will maximize an orgasm. The plastic is cheap and hard, the motor is annoyingly loud, and it ignores that no two people are built the same. There are some with a tilted cervix, there are some who need softer material, there are some that need intensity variations, and others who need their vibrators to be able to adapt to certain angles. The best way to guarantee that these aspects are covered is by having a better understanding of anatomy, stop trying to make products that only visually appeal in porn with cheap materials and remember that the reason any one is buying a vibrator, it's to have a different orgasmic experience.

Until next time... Stay safe in the midst of these hurricanes, earthquakes and wild fires.


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